2022 Apps

Rhythm Meditation Timer

I updated Rhythm and will be bringing it to MacOS. It now includes a fully customisable breathing timer.

Learn more about Rhythm Meditation Timer

Icon Generator

A MacOS Desktop App for quickly creating great looking App and Website Icon Images.

More about Icon Generator

Icon Generator MacOS App


Create 3D generative graphics from shapes and rules.

More about Transformable

Transformable App for iOS

Chromatic Curves

A MacOS Desktop App for creating modern wallpapers. Uses the Flutter version of Solandra for graphics.

More about Chromatic Curves

Chromatic Curves App

Tile Maker

I made a little iPhone app for creating generative tiled patterns. You can create patterns like these in just a few taps:

Example tilings

Download Tile Maker from the App Store

2021 Apps

Micro Reviews

iPhone, iPad and MacOS app to quickly capture reviews with categories and tags; sync via your iCloud. Add photos, search and more. Learn more about Micro Reviews.

Example screenshots from Micro Reviews

Coder Flash Cards

I've build a general purpose Flash Card App, Coder Flash Cards. There is a (web-based) editor to create and validate flash card packs. The project includes a simple specification for flash cards.

Pattern Maker

I've continued to develop Pattern Maker, a No Code Creative Coding App. Learn how it works with this puzzle game(!). The app allows you to do algorithmic art by applying rules to shapes. High resolution bitmap export, SVG export and more.

Modern Web Designer

I released a major update to Modern Web Designer. It is a tool for quickly creating website prototypes and basic designs. You can pull together colours, fonts, sizes; preview on various device sizes in the responsive view and export to a variety of formats, from web to SwiftUI.

Rhythm Meditation Timer

I released a brand new version of my meditation timer. Now includes data sync via iCloud; supports iPhone and iPad.

RGB Logic

I updated RGB Logic for iPhone/iPad with support for dark mode.

Health App Updates

I updated two of my little health tracking Apps. Part Vegetarian adds new views/analysis, so you can more easily see how you are doing at reducing you meat consumption. Alcohol Diary adds a new insight screen showing trends and statistics. You can now also see all your notes in a notes-only view.

2021 Open Source

New Open source: Solandra Flutter

I created a version of my 2D creative coding library, Solandra, for Flutter. Flutter is a really interesting platform for 2D graphics code: you can write one app and have it run natively on both leading mobile platforms, web and desktop. I also wrote up an article on Flutter itself.

Older Projects

See also my (Old) List of Projects