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This little website is a list of many of the projects I, James Porter, have released on iOS, Android and the Web.

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Immutable Context: state management in React with Hooks, Context and Immer (and TypeScript)

2/9/2019 I made a state management library for React with Hooks, Context and Immer (and TypeScript): Immutable Context . See also an example…

Isometric Data Visualisation

2/5/2019 Honestly if your goals is to accurately communicate information 3D data visualisation isn't always the best choice. But it is fun and…

Kotlin for Processing

1/31/2019 I added the first in a planned series of articles on using Kotlin for Processing . It includes coverage of extending the core language…

New Section on Computer Drawing

1/18/2019 I've moved my interactive essays on using computers to draw things to this site (and updated them a bit). I should be adding more content…


1/16/2019 The website should now work offline. Because that is a key feature for a project listing website, right?

Refreshed Site

1/15/2019 I updated this site with a simple, refreshed design. Expect more soon!



7/23/2018 What follows is concise documentation for the core of OpenJSCAD (the official docs are a bit confusing as cover both V1 and 2 and include…

Creating a Watch

9/28/2017 A few months ago I created a watch. Two actually. In a few hours. That is amazing and something which has only just become possible. This…

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