Flutter, an ideal framework for Algorithmic Art?

October 2021

Flutter is a cross platform framework for Apps. On most of its target platforms it uses a low level renderer called Skia to draw user…

React Native Setup in Late 2021

August 2021

React Native is a leading, cross-platform, declarative UI framework with hot reloading. If you want to make mobile apps, along with Flutter…

An Introduction to React Native Reanimated 2

August 2021

React Native Reanimated 2 is the main third party approach to animation for React Native. In version 1 a animation node graph approach was…

Valtio: A great state management solution for React

August 2021

Valtio is a fantastic and relatively new state management library for React. It is extraordinarily clear, concise and easy to use, yet…

Getting Started with Thermal Printing

June 2020

For a while I'd been interested in trying out retro thermal printing (see GameBoy Printer). You can print low quality printouts on cheap…

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