React Native Setup in Late 2021

August 2021

React Native is a leading, cross-platform, declarative UI framework with hot reloading. If you want to make mobile apps, along with Flutter…

An Introduction to React Native Reanimated 2

August 2021

React Native Reanimated 2 is the main third party approach to animation for React Native. In version 1 a animation node graph approach was…

Valtio: A great state management solution for React

August 2021

Valtio is a fantastic and relatively new state management library for React. It is extraordinarily clear, concise and easy to use, yet…

Getting Started with Thermal Printing

June 2020

For a while I'd been interested in trying out retro thermal printing (see GameBoy Printer). You can print low quality printouts on cheap…

Getting Started with React Native in 2020

April 2020

I've been doing React Native for over 4 years. It is amazing how much it has improved, but also how much was there from the start. The React…

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