SwiftUI for Mini Desktop Apps: A Tutorial

August 2022

A little while ago I wrote about the state of SwiftUI. While I was generally skeptical of the technology as a general purpose/widely used…

On consistency

July 2022

When you talk about software development approaches you often find people advocate consistency, in a unsubstantiated way, the way people…

@FocusState, TextFields, TextEditor in SwiftUI 3.0

November 2021

I've recently been working with SwiftUI on a couple of projects. One major area of improvement in SwiftUI 3.0 (the Autumn 2021 release) is…

SwiftUI in late 2021

November 2021

I've been reviewing the state of declarative UI frameworks such as Flutter and React Native, now we get to the third (and final) one…

Flutter in late 2021

October 2021

It had been some time since I'd used Flutter and I wanted to take another look. I've mostly been working in React and React Native for the…

Generative Animated Videos with Remotion (and Solandra)

October 2021

Getting started Remotion is a React powered library for creating videos. Let's try it out with Solandra, a library for creating 2D graphics…

Flutter, an ideal framework for Algorithmic Art?

October 2021

Flutter is a cross platform framework for Apps. On most of its target platforms it uses a low level renderer called Skia to draw user…

React Native Setup in Late 2021

August 2021

React Native is a leading, cross-platform, declarative UI framework with hot reloading. If you want to make mobile apps, along with Flutter…

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