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Micro State Management with React Hooks: Explore custom hooks libraries like Zustand, Jotai, and Valtio to manage global states

By Daishi Kato

Asked to name most prominent people working on React state, you would likely come up with Dan Abramov (Redux) and Michel Weststrate (MobX and Immer). But Daishi Kato should absolutely be on that list. He has created more(!) than 4 major libraries for React state, including Zustand, Jotai, Valtio and React-Tracked. And now he has written a book about React State, which I was eager to read.

It was really interesting to get a guide from a creator of state libraries on approaching React state. He has deep insights on how to create state code that is performant, ergonomic and clear. Often when people approach state in React they end up with very inefficient (and difficult to optimise rendering) code or they use some very verbose and ossified approach like Redux. Daishi, has shown, both in this book and in his libraries how we can actually have ergonomic and performant state code.

If you are intermediate or advanced React developer you should definitely read this book. The chapters are largely independent essays so you can dip in and out of the book. Even if you don't end up using one of his libraries you will likely learn a lot.

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