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iPad Mini 2021

The iPad virtually no one should buy. Though technically impressive and at least in Apple-world 'reasonably' priced.

This is a wonderfully portable device, but it seems like typically another iPad is going to be better. The small screen is worse for basically everything that you might want to do on an iPad from surfing the web to watching video, let alone more serious creative uses.

Probably you should go with a 'regular' sized iPad (screen 10-11 inches). For value the regular iPad, for balance the Air or if you have the money the Pro (the M1 is ludicrous and fast refresh rate screen is great). I'd suggest avoiding the 12.9 inch one as it is unwieldy and the marginal utility from increase in screen size is minor (the price increase is not).

Where the iPad Mini is actually great (and this was why I got it) is as a test device for development. Making sure your App works on this small screen will make it robust. And the small size is convenient for storage/taking up less desk space. The portability is also nice for commuting etc, but if you have a bag for a laptop you can probably fit a full iPad in anyway.

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