Schedule the Web

What if bookmarks had a time as well as a place (url)? What if you took charge of when you visited websites rather than their irritating emails, notifications or your own fear-of-missing-out urges? Why not schedule the web?

Schedule (The Web) allows you to take control of both the place (url) and time (hour/minute/days) of your internet browsing.

You can set up timed bookmarks for news or education sites which allow you to preplan and schedule your internet browsing.

Schedule integrates with Safari allowing you to quickly add web addresses via the sharing mechanism (you have to enable this from the menu, see the in-App guide). Alternatively you can enter them manually.

Pick days and a time to view the site, and you will be alerted by a notification when it is time.

Instead of compulsively looking at that interesting-but-addictive site, schedule it once a day. Keep informed on the latest events by scheduling a news site over your morning coffee. Achieve your learning goals, by scheduling an education site in the evening.